Date: 13-14 July 2019

Time: 9.30 am – 5:30 pm

Location: Auditorium [Level 1] Cabramatta Bowling Club

Rinpoche will begin the 2019 Teaching Programs with the swift and powerful teaching of Phowa. Through the teacher’s guidance and wisdom, students will be lead through the generation stages of Phowa practice and receive the blessing of such initiation.

Phowa is the practice for directing the transference of consciousness at the time of death, either for oneself or another. The consciousness may be transferred to the dharmakaya nature, to a pure realm such as Sukhavati or to a favourable existence in the human realm.

These practices repair our life force, our emotional afflictions, our negative deeds and/or our broken vows and promises; and most importantly, we can be granted the merit and connection to be reborn in Buddha Amitabha’s Pure Land and quick progress to enlightenment.

The great Tibetan yogi Marpa the Translator said, “If you study phowa, then at the time when death is approaching you will know no despair. If beforehand you have become accustomed to the Path of Phowa, then at the time of death you will be full of cheerful confidence.”